A Giant New Theatre Is Coming To Olympia London

Julie Freeman Julie Freeman - Staff Writer

The Olympia Theatre will be the biggest new theatre in London since 1976

The Olympia Theatre will be London’s biggest new playhouse since 1976.

Trafalgar Entertainment has announced the acquisition of the Olympia Theatre, a major new permanent theatre that’s currently being built in Kensington near the Olympia London and Royal Albert Hall. This means that London will see the addition of its biggest new playhouse since the National Theatre opened in 1976. The news comes merely a week before some London theatres reopen after long closures during lockdown.

Photo: Heatherwick Studio/ We are Narrativ

The giant new venue will feature a state-of-the-art 1,575-seat auditorium with a stacked design for a better viewing experience, glazed front-of-house areas, top class bar, hospitality and VIP facilities, the latest innovations in technical facilities, and more. The theatre is currently under construction and scheduled to open in mid-late 2025.

Olympia interior entrance foyer sketch. Photo: Haworth Tompkins

The planning of the new theatre is part of the £1.3 billion Olympia redevelopment project by Yoo Capital and Deutsche Finance International (DFI), who are working to transform west London into a new cultural hub by 2024. For now, Trafalgar Entertainment has signed a 35-year lease on the theatre, with the option to extend it for another 35 years.

If you just can’t wait until 2025 to see a good show, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is coming back next week for socially-distanced performances.