Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Style With Techno Queen Deborah De Luca At Egg London

Chloe Byrne Chloe Byrne - Staff Writer

Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Style With Techno Queen Deborah De Luca At Egg London

It is a matter of weeks until 2021 comes to an end and the garbled sounds of revellers counting down to the new year will spill from pubs, clubs, bars and homes across the country. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to let your hair down and dance til your limbs ache then NYE: Deborah De Luca All Night Long at Egg London may be just the ticket.

As all diehard electronica fans will already know, Deborah De Luca is a world-renowned DJ from Italy. Her love of her local nightlife, early years as a dancer and time spent refining her craft on the European club circuit, were all a part of her journey to become one of the biggest names in the world of techno. Now, she delights crowds with electrically charged sets and mesmerising melodies which have the dance floors heaving up until the very second she steps away from the decks. With Deborah De Luca in charge of the music, you know your New Year’s Eve will be in good hands.

This December 31, Egg London are pulling no punches when it comes to delivering a spectacular send off to 2021. De Luca will be doing her thing all night long, meaning the hits won’t stop coming even after the clock chimes midnight, your sleeves are soaked from wild glass-clinking celebrations and your phone has almost burnt a whole in your pocket from the influx of ‘Happy New Year’ texts. In fact, the event will be in full swing from 10pm to 9am, so you’ll be stumbling out with fellow party goers and squinting in the rays of sunlight (or more likely sheltering from the rain knowing England). Plus, if you have plans earlier in the evening there’s also after party entry at 5am.

Egg London is found in Kings Cross, just follow the sound of rumbling bass and you’ll soon see the black brick facade of the former Victorian warehouse. Named as a reference to rebirth, the club was founded by Laurence Malice in 2003 and built a reputation with its techno and house music events. This fantastic New Year’s Eve party is sure to be another memorable event for them to add to their list.

Whether you’re a techno fan, Deborah De Luca fan, Egg London fan or just simply a fan of dancing until you drop then you’ll want to grab tickets to this epic event.

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