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Got Viber? Join Secret London’s brand new channel.

Not satisfied with our current social media empire, Secret London can now be found on Viber, the super-fun messaging and chat app, talking all things London, culture, and the occasional bit of outright nonsense.

We’ll be having a goss about our adventures in London, sharing behind-the-scenes moments from our stories (perhaps you’ll catch the next instalment of Office SmileBall™️?), and generally celebrating all the coolest things in the city in our trademark style – in our very own chat-channel.

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And that’s not all! We’ll be hosting exclusive competitions, giveaways, polls, and even answering some of your questions as we put our London knowledge to the test. Basically, a fun time for Londoners and anyone who just loves the city. (You do like fun don’t you?)

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And like any chat app worth its salt, there are stickers, so naturally, we’ve made some for you. YASSS QUEEEEN! (Download them here.)

OK, that’s about the size of it. If you like London, banter, freebies, good vibes and stickers you should probably join in. Once again…

…you can join our Viber community here.

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