Now You Can Magic Your Way Out Of A Harry Potter Themed Escape Room

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Experience a thrilling journey through the wizarding world with Enigma Quests’ magical new escape room.

It’s every child’s dream to go to Hogwarts. Ok, it’s every adult’s dream too – let’s not kid ourselves. So what if you could actually spend an hour experiencing all that the wizarding world has to offer? Well, now you can! OK, so it’s not 100% authentic, but we’re pretty sure this is the closest we muggles are ever going to get to J.K.’s fantasy world.

[Enigma Quests]
Use your Gryffindor bravery, your Ravenclaw intellect, your Slytherin cunning, or your Hufflepuff… kindness (sorry, Hufflepuff) to solve the mysteries of the escape room. Put on your pointed thinking caps, because you’ve got 60 minutes on the clock to channel your inner Hermione Granger and ‘alohomora’ your way out of there.

[Enigma Quests]
‘Escape rooms’ have experienced a vogue in recent years, especially in London, but our inner nerds were still Siriusly excited to hear about Enigma Quests’ new Harry Potter themed offering. The experience gives you (and up to four other friends) a chance to participate in a series of magical tasks, in an attempt to uncover the secrets of the room and escape the clutches of you-know-who.

[Enigma Quests]
You can participate in groups of between three and five witches or wizards and tickets start at £90 for a group of three. You can book your tickets here and you’ll find Enigma Quests at 2-12 Wilson Street, near Liverpool Street, EC2M 7LS.

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