Head To This Spitalfields Spot For Bubble Tea, Bubble Waffles, And More • Nosteagia 

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Nosteagia is bringing us bubble tea, bubble waffles and a side of nostalgia.

In Old Spitalfields Market, you will find Nosteagia! For anyone with a sweet tooth looking to experience the most authentic bubble tea and bubble waffles in London, this is the place for you. Their menu truly is the gift that keeps on giving, leaving even the most decisive among us spoiled for choice – and with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options available, there is something here for everyone.

These sweet bubble waffles were inspired by the popular Hong Kong street snack, the egg puff. Traditionally, they are made from batter and cooked in moulds to give them the unique bubble shape that we all know and love. Nosteagia have put their own spin on things by fusing this traditional recipe with European ingredients, resulting in a unique and tasty dessert. Their classic waffles start at a very reasonable £4.50 and come with whipped cream and one sauce of your choice. But if you’re after something a little more indulgent, Mr Oreo, Cookie Monster and Caramel Biscoff are some personal favourites.

Nosteagia also makes personalised waffles, allowing you to chose all your own ingredients for a custom made waffle. For just 80p an ingredient, you can top your waffle with ice cream, chocolate, cookies, cream, sugar, spice and everything nice! Anyway, I’m waffling on…

Their bubble tea definitely deserves some attention too! Nosteagia use mostly Taiwanese ingredients for their teas to ensure that their customers have the most authentic experience possible. They have several milk tea variations to chose from including Thai, Assam, matcha, brown sugar and peach green tea – and if that isn’t for you, they have an array of fruit teas that are both refreshing and full of flavour.

Like the waffles, you can also top your bubble tea with ingredients from their toppings list, making your tea that little bit sweeter!

And most importantly, these adorable pups approve. So what are you waiting for?

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