Nikon Is Offering Free Online Photography Classes Throughout Lockdown

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

Nikon Is Offering Free Online Photography Classes Throughout Lockdown

Has that camera you bought last year been gathering dust?

Did you take a few snaps, vowing you’d get better, then forget about it as the months grew cold and the world turned upside down in a pandemic? [Featured Image: Nikon, Facebook]

Well, it’s time to rediscover that passion and sign up to Nikon’s online photography classes. They’ve made them free for the first time, to help “creators stay inspired, engaged and growing”.

The Nikon classes usually range from $15-50, but they’ve waived the cost for anyone and everyone. At Nikon Online School, you’ll get video demonstrations of all the basics to get stuck into the world of photography. There’s even a class on photographing pets, so you can find ways to entertain yourself as well as your dog.

You’ll also find classes such as dynamic landscape photography, content creation and an hour-long “Art of Making Music Videos” masterclass.

The classes range from fifteen minutes to one hour. So, after taking them all you may well be a photographic maverick. Sign me up! Now if they only did classes on how to be photogenic…

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