MPs Are Investigating The Impact Of Covid-19 On UK Nightlife, And They Want Your Views

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Nightlife inquiry

The nightlife inquiry hopes to plot a course forward for the beleaguered industry.

Though most industries have felt the crippling effects of the coronavirus pandemic, few have been quite so devastated as the nightlife industry. With nightclubs shut since March, 2020 was a catastrophic year for London’s nightlife industry – and at present, 2021 isn’t looking a whole lot better. So, to try and address the issue and plot a course forward, a cross-party group of MPs has launched an urgent investigation into the fallout from the closures, and they’re asking for Londoners to share their views.

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The All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Night Time Economy wants to get to grips with the stark realities of nightlife in the time of coronavirus. And to do so, they’d like to hear from anyone who works in the night-time economy, from bouncers to bartenders to DJs to promoters, along with all those of us who just love a good night out. In particular, they’re looking to hear about the challenges facing these businesses, ideas about how nightlife venues could be safely reopened, and what nightlife means to us (both socially and economically).

The public consultation will run throughout January, with contributions included in an official report that will be released in February. Furthermore, the group hopes to be a voice for the industry in Parliament, advocating for further support for the industry and highlighting its place in the nation’s post-pandemic recovery. Per Jeff Smith MP, the chair of the group, “Despite playing such a vital role in our local communities and UK economy, nightlife businesses have been repeatedly overlooked by the Government, and we are determined to ensure that the specific challenges facing the sector are addressed. This inquiry will be a vital first step in our work.”

You can leave your thoughts, comments, and concerns on the Night Time Industries Association website. It’s likely to be a good few months before we’re hitting up the clubs once more, so your voice could be crucial in helping to secure the future of London’s nightlife sector.

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