9 London Underground Stations That Are Actually Nice To Look At

Morgan Cormack Morgan Cormack


These are some of London’s best looking underground stations that we wouldn’t mind getting lost in a scurry in.

We’re all too busy whizzing through tunnels and up escalators to notice that some of London’s underground stations are actually not too shabby. With all the impressive architecture, it’s a shame we haven’t noticed sooner, but here’s a roundup of some of the capital’s finest looking stations.

1. St. Pancras International

[Sean B. Jack]
The most impressive station architecture-wise; a trip here is bound to make you feel like royalty. You don’t have to be taking a Eurostar trip to France to enjoy this station so have a stroll around, pop into one of the many shops and maybe take a cheeky trip to their champagne bar, too.

2. King’s Cross

[Kevin O’Connor]
You may be wondering why we didn’t just lump King’s Cross and St. Pancras together but ah, my friend, you clearly haven’t experienced the psychedelic wonders of the pedestrian tunnel linking the station to the shops and restaurants in One Pancras Square.

3. St. John’s Wood

[Ian Muttoo]
There’s something about this Grade II listed station that makes you feel like you’ve just stepped out of a time-warp. It may be because Abbey Road is just a stone’s throw away or it could be because everything around you feels like a Beatles poster. Either way, it’s cute, quintessential and we really dig those random pillars in between the escalators.

4. Tottenham Court Road

After having a major re-vamp, this station is a haven for white tile lovers, and it offers long expansive walkways that could easily double up as a catwalk or backdrop for your next outfit shot (just try to avoid rush hour or you might get a few evil stares from hurried commuters).

5. Waterloo

[Bob Walker]
Originally opened in 1848 as “Waterloo Bridge Station”, this station is dotted with cute vintage features such as grand clocks and industrial-style ceilings. Plus, the exterior is mighty fine.

6. Canary Wharf, Jubilee

[Ian Britton]
Ascend these escalators and feel like you’re entering an intergalactic world. The funky glass ceiling has a way of making you feel like you’re in a spaceship and the outside of it looks equally as cool.

7. Gants Hill

[diamond geezer]
Not many people would venture this far east on the Central Line but it’s worth the trip, if only for a gander at this impressive underground station. Designed by the well known tube architect Charles Holden, who also worked as a consultant for the Moscow Metro, it’s clear where the inspiration for Gants Hill came from.

8. Stratford, DLR

[Tom Page]
It’s easy to forget that Stratford is home to a DLR station as it’s so tucked away in the corner of its station. Take a walk to it, check out the local artwork and writing that lines the walkway, and come out onto a peaceful platform dotted with the most vibrant shards of stained glass.

9. Gloucester Road

[Ian Wright]
With regular art installations as part of TfL’s London On The Underground scheme, and railway arches dotted along the platform, it’s easy to see why this station made the list. Go in the evening for some seriously spooky (yet very artistic) underground vibes.

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