How This New Yorker Started Dating His Neighbour During Lockdown

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

How This New Yorker Started Dating His Neighbour During Lockdown

Coronavirus regulations have put a standstill to normal, daily life. But one activity that has definitely changed drastically? Dating.

Some people aren’t letting quarantine kill the romance, though!

When this New Yorker noticed a cute neighbour, for example, he decided to ask her out, following all the recommended safety rules of course. He shared his whole story via Instagram (in different parts) and it’s pretty amazing how he was able to keep the same dating norms while isolated, he just had to get a little creative!

This story is the heartwarming news we all need right now:

First, he noticed a girl dancing her heart out on a rooftop nearby, so he sent her a message…

After texting back and forth, he finally asked her out to dinner.

For the next big step in their quarantine romance…they went out on a walk together. But not in the way you think!

For those who think dating is dead in the age of quarantine, this gentleman is proving that is definitely NOT true! Anything is possible, truly, if you just get creative enough.

We want Part 4!

This article was originally posted on Secret NYC

Featured image source: Instagram / @maxwellswift via @jermcohen

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