New York Is Looking For An ‘Explorer-In-Chief’ To Live Rent-Free And Explore The City

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Applications to become New York’s ‘Explorer-in-Chief’ opened today.

Now, if we may blow our own horns for a second, we think we’ve got a pretty cool job here at Secret London. I mean, it’s literally our job to hunt out the coolest things to do around town, attend/see/eat them, and then write pun-filled articles about them, so it’s not exactly hard to love. Still, even I’ve got to admit the Secret London gig pales slightly in comparison to the latest job offer coming out of New York – the chance to spend a summer living rent-free in Lower Manhattan, whilst discovering the best things in town on someone else’s dollar.


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The job of ‘Explorer-in-Chief’ has been created by New York’s Downtown Alliance, who are searching for an “urban explorer to live rent-free just off Wall Street all summer long”. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? The EIC will roam the streets of Lower Manhattan for three months, lounging around cool bars, eating at the best restaurants, and enjoying VIP experiences at spots like the Statue of Liberty and One World Observatory.


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Best of all, it’ll cost you very little to do, since the Downtown Alliance will be spotting the rent for the three months you’re there, plus travel expenses for your travel to New York and back, and a monthly stipend to cover some living expenses. They’re looking for people with certain qualities such a fizzy personality that’ll work well on camera, a good eye for hidden gems, and the ability to produce engaging content for social media. The final mix of duties depends whoever gets the job, but the basic requirements include someone who’s “adept at social media, can lightly edit video and has a public Instagram account”.


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Should you win, you’ll be spending the entirety of June, July, and August swanning around Manhattan, which really ain’t too shabby. Of course, you’re probably itching to apply by now – to do so, head to the application page, and upload a video of 60 seconds or less by March 15th to be considered. And to the fine people of the Downtown Alliance, I would humbly submit my application in the event they can’t find another else…

Of course, if you’re looking for the hidden gems and best experiences in New York right now, you can always check out Secret NYC and follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

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