The 9 Inevitable Stages Of Celebrating New Year’s Eve While In Tier 4

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New year's eve 2021

Somehow, we’re not as enthused as usual to ring in the New Year…

We kind of guessed we wouldn’t be getting the rounds in with our pals this New Year’s Eve, but now that London is in Tier 4, we’re more unenthused than ever about ringing in 2021. Whether you’ve planned an epic date night at home, or are planning on sitting on the sofa all day, here are the nine inevitable stages of celebrating New Year’s Eve while stuck in Tier 4.

1. Getting all dressed up to “make the most of it”

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There’s something about getting dressed for occasions like bank holiday and Christmas – even if you’re not going anywhere. Which is why today, despite living under tier 4 restrictions and being stuck at home, we’ll be all dressed up with nowhere to go. We give it about 3 hours before we change back into our PJs…

2. Drinking Mimosas from 9am because “why not? It’s NYE!”

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Breakfast with a side of prosecco is on the menu today, because the only way to celebrate this New Year’s Eve is by passing the time and drowning our sorrows.

3. Regretting said Mimosas at lunchtime cos you’re already tired and bloated

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The only downfall of drinking a bottle of prosecco before lunchtime is the inevitable lag come 1pm… The perfect excuse for a nap?

4. Putting on a bit of music to ‘lift the mood’ to find it does quite the opposite

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It’s New Year’s Eve, hope is on the horizon – all we need now is a bit of music to lighten to mood… For ten minutes… Before we realise nothing is going to ‘lighten the mood’ one day into a Tier 4 lockdown.

5. Ordering a kebab to stuff your face with cos 2020 hasn’t exactly been a year to celebrate

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We’ll save the fancy meals for a brighter occasion and just stick with a trusty old kebab today… We can always burn it off at the gym tomorrow – oh, wait…

6. Reminiscing on New Year’s Eves past when you could actually go to the pub

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Remember ringing in the new year with complete strangers in close proximity to us while we cheers-ed to a brand new year (that usually didn’t consist of a global pandemic)? While it’s a faint memory for us now, we sure hope we can do it again in 2021.

7. Flicking through the tele and gagging after seeing channel after channel all playing some form of 2020 retrospective (like we even want to remember)

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While its usually pretty fun to look back on the year we’ve just completed – this year, I’m not really feeling it. Unless it’s Death to 2020, which is only bearable because it’s absolutely hilarious and let’s face it, if we don’t laugh we’ll cry.

8. Playing that re-run of Friends instead, because what else is there to do?

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Regressing to a time when life felt so much simpler, we’ll be curled up in front of the tele tonight watching re-runs of Friends, our go-to TV show when things feel a little shitty. And also, because we completed the entirety of Netflix over Christmas already.

9. Going to bed early, cos let’s face it – we’ll still be in Tier 4 in 2021

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Sitting up until midnight doesn’t quite feel the same without our friends and family around us – so we’ll probably just reply to those ‘Happy New Year’ texts in the morning… Good night, 2020!

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