Selfridge’s New Coffee Shop Features A Giant Yellow Slide For Adults

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New Ground

London’s new coffee shop breaks New Ground.

2020 is the perfect time to slide into your DMs – and by DMs, I mean double macchiatos. Selfridges’ new arrival is a pop-up coffee shop called New Ground, which is launching some lovely initiatives to do with recidivism and sustainability. We’ll get to those later, however, for the immediate, eye-catching selling point of this place is the big yellow slide in the window that we’re itching to have a go on.

No need to worry about letting your inner child out, because the slide is very much for adults too. Whizzing down the sunshine-yellow tube takes you past the big window off Oxford Street, but since being on the slide and giving a fuck are obviously incompatible, you know you’ll be lapping up the envious looks from passers-by. Until February 9th, that is, when both slide and coffee shop pack up and head for pastures new.

New Ground
Photo: @theofficialselfridges

Tearing your eyes away from the slide (yes, I know it’s hard), you’ll find plenty of other commendable things about New Ground. For instance, their policy to train and employ ex-offenders from the Thames Valley area is an excellent one that will hopefully reduce re-offending rates. Also earning them major points is their use of ethically sourced coffee and recyclable cups, which will see a new life as Selfridge’s paper bags.

The coffee isn’t bad, either; ten different varieties are made from a blend that’s exclusive to the store, and you can add CBD oil for a shot of extreme 2019-ness. I could keep telling you about the breakfast pastries, but I sense your attention has already drifted back to the slide… Alright then, go on and enjoy it!

Find New Ground at The Corner Shop on the ground floor of Selfridges, where it’ll be in place until February 9th.

Featured image: @nickjdrake

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