Netflix’s New Dark Comedy Sees Paul Rudd Do Battle With… Paul Rudd

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Paul Rudd

With two versions of Paul Rudd, Netflix’s newest show is anything but Rudderless…

If I could sum up Netflix‘s upcoming release, Living With Yourself, in one line, it’d be this: “This life ain’t big enough for the both of us…” For blessed as the world is with one Paul Rudd – who’s been in everything from Clueless to Friends to Avengers, seemingly without ageing a day – Living With Yourself sees fit to give us two Paul Rudds, who must now do battle to be the only Paul Rudd in town. Intrigued? Give the trailer a watch for a little enlightenment…

The premise is this: Original Paul Rudd™ is living a pretty dreary life, with a failing career and a marriage (to Irish comedienne Aisling Bea) on the rocks. Upon paying a visit to the ominously named ‘Top Happy Spa’, he wakes up with a new lease on life – successful at work! happy at home! dancing through corn fields! – with only one minor catch. Turns out there is a Second Paul Rudd™, who appears to be the sadder, more beaten-down iteration that the Top Happy Spa buried in a shallow grave (quite literally).

Paul Rudd
Now, with two Paul Rudds fighting for space in the same life, it appears the eight-episode mini-series will be a contest of wills, in which – much like Highlander – there can be only one… Paul Rudd. Is it likely to play on millennial angst surrounding insecurity, authenticity, and being true to one’s self? Yup. Does it also look bloody brilliant? You betcha! Living With Yourself arrives on Netflix on October 18th, and I for one can’t wait for the absolute Ruddy madness to unfold.

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