The Natural History Museum’s Gardens Will Be Transformed Into A Centre For Urban Nature

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The Natural History Museum gardens will become even greener over the next few years.

The Natural History Museum is known for many things, like hosting epic exhibitions, late-night events and housing some of the largest skeletons in the world. It’ll soon add another notch to its belt and become the national hub of biodiversity. Well, its five-acre gardens will, to be more specific. [Featured image: Natural History Museum]

The Urban Nature Project has just been given the go ahead and the Museum’s green spaces will soon be transformed into a centre for conservation, wildlife research, and awareness. An educational programme for children, families, and schools across the UK is also in the works, with the aim of reengaging people with the natural world.

This project will oversee plenty of changes including a new education centre and a ‘living lab’ where groundbreaking research will take place onsite. Furthermore, the natural habitats across the gardens will be greatly increased and we’ll eventually be able to see them all for ourselves. Possibly the most exciting announcement yet is that Dippy the dinosaur is returning to the museum for good – what a time to be alive!

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Everyone’s favourite natural historian, Sir David Attenborough has given the project the thumbs up and if it’s okay with Sir David, it’s certainly okay with us. Some of his powerful words will be featured in bronze lettering outside the museum’s entrance hoping to hammer home the urgency of this ecological crisis: “The future of the natural world, on which we all depend, is in your hands.”

According to Attenborough “The Urban Nature Project opens the door for young people to fall in love with the nature on their doorsteps and develop a lifelong concern for the world’s wild places. Nature isn’t just nice to have, it’s the linchpin of our very existence and ventures like the Urban Nature Project help the next generation develop the strong connection with nature that is needed to protect it.”

We can’t argue with that! Find out more info and how you can get involved on their website.

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