The Natural History Museum’s Dreamy Ice Rink Has Returned For Its Final Skating Season

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Natural History Museum Ice Rink 2018

It’s the end of an era, everybody! The Natural History Museum’s ice rink opened for the 2021 wintertime skating season, after taking the 2020 festive season off due to the pandemic. While it has been  incredible to have the rink back, it’s also had a rather bittersweet feeling, as, after this weekend, the rink sadly won’t be returning. The dazzling ice rink was one of our favourite Christmas experiences, with skaters gleefully whizzing around the giant tree at its centre, and this year the Natural History Museum ice rink will be open until January 16, 2022. After 16 years of skating fun, the space will soon be transformed into a biodiversity hub as part of the museum’s Urban Nature Project.

natural history museum ice rink

Easily one of the most beautiful places to pirouette on the ice in London (you can pirouette, can’t you?), the Natural History Museum ice rink was made for festive date nights and family outings. That whopping 30ft Christmas tree in the middle is a popular spot for photoshoots, while the Café Bar serves up winter warmers, prosecco, hot food, and more, with a viewing platform providing a glimpse of all the sparkling action below.

natural history museum ice rink4

Plus, as you’re gliding around the rink effortlessly, you’ll get some marvellous views of the Natural History Museum itself – in fact, combining the two on a little winter day trip is an idea we’d heartily embrace if we were you! Still, if there’s just one thing to do here this winter, it’s renting a pair of skates and taking to the ice on arguably London’s prettiest rink.

Tickets are on sale and will very likely be in demand for the final week – so book your spot now to experience one of London’s classic Christmas activities one last time.

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