The National Theatre Has Launched Its Own Streaming Service

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The national theatre

The National Theatre at Home is bringing the theatre to you.

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all completed Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even Disney+ by now. (Lockdown part one and two made sure of that.) It’s just as well that a brand new streaming service has launched that will bring the theatre to you. National Theatre at Home started off as weekly streams of the theatre’s most successful shows on YouTube. Performances from their NT Live series that were initially filmed for the big screen became available for theatre-lovers to stream over the summer.

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Now, National Theatre at Home has become an official subscription service giving people across the globe ongoing access to their shows. There are currently a dozen incredible productions to stream on the platform with many featuring familiar faces. You won’t want to miss Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus or Dame Helen Mirren in Phèdre, take it from me.

The initial launch also features Amadeus, Medea, Othello, The Cherry Orchard, Yerma, Dara, I Want My Hat Back, Mosquitos and Three Sisters. You may have noticed that not all of these are actually NT Live productions. That’s because National Theatre at Home will be showcasing smaller shows as well as crowd favourites – it’s the best of both worlds. Moreover, the shows will change every single month to ensure that we are truly kept on our toes.

Fortunately, there are a number of different subscriptions to choose from, including monthly or yearly passes that cost £9.98 and £99.98, respectively. You can also rent plays individually for under £8! Gone are the days when you’d have to leave your warm, cosy home to watch a show, now the show will come to you. Check out NT at Home here.

Meanwhile, if you prefer your theatre in person, West End theatres reopen this week.

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