NASA’s New ‘NASA At Home’ Website Basically Lets You Become An Astronaut

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NASA’s New ‘NASA At Home’ Website Basically Lets You Become An Astronaut

Piloting a spaceship and touring the Hubble Space Telescope are all in a day’s work for an astronaut with NASA At Home.

Escapism is in vogue with the UK lockdown stretching to the end of its third week, and thankfully NASA have popped up with perhaps the grandest escape yet: the chance to experience life as an astronaut. In launching their new NASA At Home website, the space agency have made the likes of podcasts, e-books, and virtual tours of space stations available online – in short, it’s everything you need to turn yourself into a space traveller, and it’s all free!

Fancy a guided tour of the International Space Station? Or seeing what mission control for the Hubble Space Telescope looks like? NASA At Home can offer you all this and more, along with videos which explore the solar system, the likelihood of asteroids, and past Apollo missions. Budding astronauts will have a proverbial field day here, and stargazing adults will find plenty to entertain them too. Really, if life on Earth is seeming a little mundane right now, preparing for a trip to the final frontier could be just the tonic you need!

Discover the full NASA At Home website here.

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