A Restaurant Dedicated To Naan Bread Has Just Opened In London


Say hello to the city’s first official Naanery!

If you’re going to do just one thing, you’d better make damn sure you do it well. Step forward pan-Indian dining spot Baluchi, who have just launched London’s first ever Naanery, dedicated entirely to the creation and consumption of naan bread. With chef Santosh Shah at the helm, it’s a dinner experience that’s second to naan…


Rescuing the humble naan from takeaway mop-up tool, and placing it back amongst the delicious pantheon of Indian breads, the Naanery is a rather fancy experience. Witness the £55 per person price tag, which at first glance seems rather steep for a bread-based dinner.


However, these are no ordinary naans, as the likes of porcini and truffle naan, and fig and cheese kulcha naan are created right in front of you. Your hard-earned money gets you a selection of four handcrafted flavoured naans, each paired with their own complementing wine.


The Naanery experience also includes a traditional triffin, boasting the likes of butter chicken curry, dal Baluchi, pilau rice, and carrot halwa, which frankly sounds rather wonderful. Really, has bread ever had it this good?

Find the Naanery at Baluchi, 181 Tooley Street, London Bridge, SE1 2JR. For more information, head to the Baluchi website.

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