A Mario Kart-Inspired Experience Is Heading To London

Mario Kart

I mean, they call it Mushroom Rally, but we all know it’s-a Mario Kart!

As racing experiences go, this one’s a Peach. This spring, a real-life version of Mario Kart will be speeding to London, aiming to bring you all the thrills and spills of the video game – though thankfully without the sheer, nightmarish terror of tackling Rainbow Road. The Mushroom Rally gets you dressed up as your favourite Mario characters, before letting you loose on a custom-built go-kart track where you’ll duel your friends for the title of best Italian plumber-turned race car driver.

Mario Kart

The Mushroom Rally experience, already well-established in Australia, will be stopping off in eight UK cities, including a stop in Manchester. We’re pretty confident the highlight of this rally is the London stop on March 10th, 2019. Since you can’t fire projectiles at one another (for obvious health and safety reasons), the verisimilitude of the whole experience does get a little bit lost. Still, it looks like a right lark, and it’s a decent approximation of the game, so we’ll give it a chance.

Mario Kart
Photo: @misssmuffinsinfinity

During the race, you’ll outpace your friends to claim a spot on the podium – which will earn you a shiny Mario trophy (and eternal glory, natch), along with a themed post-race party. There’s a bigger prize on offer for the champions of each city; a winner-takes all race to decide the UK champion, which will net them a trip to Las Vegas. Just remember: no matter how hard you wish for it, there’s no rocket to catapult you from last to first. Best get practising then, hadn’t you?

Tickets cost £50 and include two sessions of racing in a secret London location, as well as costume hire. Purchase them here.

Mushroom Rally is not associated with Nintendo® or its brands.

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