This Gripping Online Murder Trial Experience Puts You In The Jury

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Murder Trial Live

Dr Hilary Meadows stands accused of murder – and you’ll be deciding if she’s guilty or not.

Personally, I find choosing a lunch option quite taxing, so the prospect of deciding to condemn a woman to life in prison is a daunting one. That’s the choice that awaits you at The Murder Trial Live, the thrilling online experience where you’ll be presented with the facts of the case, weigh the evidence, and ultimately convict or acquit the defendant, Dr Hilary Meadows. It’s really gripping stuff, and we’ve got your tickets lined up here.

Murder Trial Live

For those of you who binge on Netflix crime dramas, shouting “she definitely did it!” the whole way through, this will be right up your street. Instead of yelling at your TV, you’ll be discussing whether the evidence suggests that Dr Meadows used her cover as a paediatric consultant to commit the murders of 447 children over her 40-year medical career. The press have already decided her guilt, dubbing her ‘The Black Widow’, but you’ll need to cut through the noise and weigh the facts for yourselves.

Murder Trial

It’s not one to be flippant about – a woman’s freedom is at stake, after all! – and to this end, The Murder Trial Live will supplement your decision with an in-house legal team, who can provide fascinating insights into the role of the jury in real court cases. Still, the final decision is up to you, in what amounts to part social experiment, part entertainment. Just remember to tuck into dinner before you confirm your verdict though, yeah? You can’t really decide a person’s guilt on an empty stomach…

Find your ticket to The Murder Trial Live here.

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