Crack The Case Of A ‘Murder On The Underground’ Mystery This Christmas

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Crack The Case Of A ‘Murder On The Underground’ Mystery This Christmas

Crime never sleeps, even at Christmas, and this time it isn’t Santa who’s been creeping around under the cover of darkness. There’s been a Murder on the Underground and it is up you to hunt down the killer who is no doubt top of the naughty list.  This gripping murder mystery offers you an amazing chance to explore a subterranean railway while solving mysteries, questioning suspects, and staying one step ahead of the murderer. There are a multitude of dates throughout December, and tickets are still available!

To offer a new level of immersion, Murder on the Underground is taking place at excellent spot The Postal Museum, home to the nifty little underground railway known as Mail Rail. Once used to ferry mail beneath the city, it’s now a joyful subterranean ride that delights visitors. On a cold autumn morning in 1930, the employees of the Clerkenwell Sorting Office are preparing for work when a gruesome discovery is made: a murder has been committed deep below the streets of London, and suspicion falls heavy on all.

Yes, one poor soul has been picked off by a killer who’s haunting the Mail Rail and its underground stations, so keep your wits about you. Rutherford’s Detective agency has been called in to solve the case, and P.I. Rutherford has called on you to help. As part of the investigation, you’ll get the chance to ride the Mail Rail (for purely investigative purposes, you see), whilst interrogating a cast of suspects who all have something to hide. Could the killer be the Postal Railway Conductor? Or does the innocence of the resident Letter Sorter hide a dark motive? It’ll be up to you to find out!

Once you arrive at the event, you’ll have two hours to complete your investigation and unmask the killer before they strike again, dodging red herrings along the way. Just remember – not everyone makes it out of these tunnels alive…

Murder on the Underground is the perfect Christmas gift for those with a true crime obsession so pick up your tickets to take part. In the meantime, best brush up on your detective skills!

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