4 Thrilling Murder Mystery Experiences In London

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Murder mysteries

Discover hidden clues, seek out suspects and delve into a dark past on the streets of London.

Over the past year or so we’ve all had plenty of time to binge back-to-back true crime documentaries, get caught up in the tantalising twists and turns of Line of Duty, pound the pavement to hair-raising whodunnit podcasts or even revisit our favourite steely-faced detective Luther for a series marathon. After watching the experts do their thing you can’t help but be curious if you could put your own sleuthing skills to the test and crack a case or two. We’ve rounded up a few London murder mysteries, immersive experiences and tours to give you the opportunity to dip your toe into the criminal underworld.

1. Murder on The Underground

Murder on the Underground

Descend into London’s shadowy warren of tunnels, steel your stomachs and dig out your notebook. A murder has been committed and it is up to you to seek out the killer. The facts are these: the crime scene is Clerkenwell Sorting Office, the suspects are many and the clues are everywhere. Gather your fellow detectives for the day and crack on with the investigation. You only have two hours to solve this heinous crime and time is running out quick. If justice isn’t enough of an incentive, all attendees will also get to ride the Mail Rail’s underground train. Find tickets here.

2. Outdoor Escape Game: The Murder of Hector Reeves

Sherlock Murder Mystery

Now we can finally venture further than the doorstep of our own homes, an adventure is surely on the cards. This Hyde Park-based murder mystery sends you on a hunt for Hector Reeve’s elusive killer. Be warned, the case will require you to lace up your boots and put on your deerstalker caps, as there is plenty of ground to cover (3.5km in total), plus a treasure trove of clues and mind-bending puzzles to find. Phones are also an invaluable resource as they will reveal the trail you need to follow, so be sure to come well-equipped with methodical minds at the ready. Get tickets here.

3. Jack the Ripper City Exploration Game

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The bloody legacy of Jack The Ripper still haunts the streets of London, his unforgivable acts lingering like phantoms over every dark corner, narrow cobblestone alley and dead end street. Take a shudder-inducing trip down the city’s memory lane on this tour of his Whitechapel hunting grounds: following in the footsteps of his unsuspecting victims as you duck into the pub where some had their last drinks and channelling your inner Sherlock as the details of the case – from the main suspects to the sites of his numerous brutal murders – are shared. Only two at a time can embark on this eye-opening tour, grab your tickets here.

4. The Murdér Express: An Immersive Dining Experience


Don your most dapper Poirot-worthy suit or doll up in your finest pearls; this immersive dining experience invites you on board the Murdér Express of Pedley Street Station for a delicious four-course meal with a side of theatrical flair. Dripping in elegant frills and finery, the train will whisk you away to the early 20th century, lavishing passengers with dishes from the culinary mind of Masterchef finalist Louisa Ellis. But don’t let yourself be swept up in the luxury, this is the murder express after all and danger could be lurking in every immaculate corner. Discover tickets here.

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