Visit The Moon With This Stunning New Virtual Reality Experience

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor


Take a trip to the Moon with this breathtaking new art installation.

Now here’s an art project that’s out of this world – famed British sculptor Sir Anthony Gormley is part of a team that’s conjured up a virtual reality experience to send you to the Moon. It’s coming to The Store X on the Strand on April 5th, and, per the Evening Standard, the fully immersive experience will catapult visitors into the stratosphere, until they’re up close and personal with our lunar friend.


Gormley has teamed up with celebrated astrophysicist Priya Natarajan, after becoming fascinated with her research on dark matter and black holes. Using Professor Natarajan’s research, and data gathered by NASA, Gormley, in partnership with art collective Acute Art, have brought this fascinating adventure to life. Donning a VR headest, visitors will reportedly soar through the atmosphere like a spaceship, before landing on the Moon.

The cutting-edge NASA research has allowed the team to digitally project the Moon’s surface in this experience – so yes, you will actually be walking on the Moon during your 15-minute visit! It’s called Lunatick – big up to whoever thought up the name – and admission will set you back £5 (which feels suspiciously cheap for a VR experience, so it’s worth checking out when you get there). It’s one small step for you, one giant leap for mankind…

Find Lunatick at The Store X, 180 The Strand, from April 5-25th.

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