Here’s What To Expect At London’s Gripping ‘Money Heist’ Immersive Experience

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Actors in red jumpsuits pose around a desk at London's Money Heist experience.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the Old Brompton Road, you’ll find a heart-pounding experience hiding inside the site of the old Christie’s auction house. Though things look quiet in the waiting room of Pennington’s auction house, adorned with rare paintings and comfy seats, once you’re welcomed into the heart of the action, you’ll find a thrilling adventure waiting to unfold, one which will see you challenged physically, mentally, and morally. Ready to join the Money Heist: The Experience? You can find your tickets here, or read on to discover what happened when we popped down for a visit!

We got things off to a leisurely start with a browse around the items up for auction. Whilst there might be a little voice whispering in your ear that you could escape with a priceless item for free, we’d advise you to wait until the auction begins before making your move, battling against your fellow guests to bid highest. Don’t think that this is where the drama ends, though, as things are about to heat up. As you can probably guess from the name, there’s a heist afoot here – and we found that once the action starts, it truly doesn’t let up for the rest of the experience…

Money Heist review

Despite being familiar with the non-stop action of show, we were still swept away on a tide of adrenaline as we worked our way through Money Heist: The Experience. Challenges both physical and mental await you here, featuring everything from brain-tickling puzzles, to a misleadingly nondescript corridor that’s ready to test your nerves and agility if you trip the alam. You’re led round the experience by a talented cast of actors, all with a key part to play in the heist. Plus, with an exciting new plot inspired by the Netflix show, you’re bound to be captivated throughout!

Money Heist review

Visitors are quickly welcomed into the heist, donning those famous red jumpsuits, and earning the trust of the gang. We even got the chance to choose our own city codenames, handily preventing our true identities from being revealed to the authorities, and living out a thrillingly geeky fantasy. Joining the newest international gang planned by the legendary Spanish gang means that you’ll find your wits tested again and again. Still, it’s all worth it, for the London site has been chosen for the untold treasures hidden down in the vaults. Will you escape with riches like we did, or will betrayal and jealousy block your path out? It’s up to you.

Once you’ve successfully completed the heist, you’ll be able to kick back with a drink at the Money Heist-themed bar. Word has it that Havana Club have created themed cocktails based around your favourite characters from the show, so this is surely the time to raise a toast in celebration. Oh, and before you leave, don’t pass up the opportunity to snap a victorious selfie of your squad – it’s the best way to prove that you’ve taken on London’s toughest challenge and emerged triumphant!

Money Heist: The Experience - London

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