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Mind Palace

The Mind Palace > Buckingham Palace, in our opinion.

Back in 2019, London got the officially-sanctioned Sherlock escape room it was clamouring for, and we considered ourselves quite content. However, the team behind it clearly weren’t, because they then went and added a nifty little extra: a Sherlock-themed cocktail bar called The Mind Palace, complete with an immersive cocktail experience.

The Mind Palace is a hidden speakeasy with some fiendishly tricky drinks on the menu. Their immersive drinking experience, codenamed The Case of the Poisoned Chalice, invites you to pit your wits against Moriarty’s top lieutenant, Sebastian Moran. By solving puzzles and outwitting Moran, you’ll be rewarded with ingredients to craft a most potent brew.

Mind Palace

If you’re the elementary type for whom that sounds like far too much work, you can sip on libations inspired by Sherlock episodes. The Blind Banker, for instance, is a blend of Absolut Strawberry, Earl Grey tea, and strawberry shrub, whilst The Hounds of Baskerville combines smoked 12-year Chivas with aromatic bitters.

Given Sherlock Holmes’ own predilection for solving cases under the influence, I’d say it can’t hurt your chances in the escape room proper. Still, I’d imagine the folks at The Mind Palace would probably frown on this, and knowing how dire I am at escape rooms, it’d be more likely to induce a case of the give ups than anything else. The game is afoot, and the drinks are on ice!

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