The Team Behind Rooftop Paradise Frank’s Café Are Opening A New Pizza Joint

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Mike’s aims to do for pizza what Frank’s has done for rooftop bars.

There’s barely a Londoner who isn’t thinking of ascending the bubblegum-pink stairs to Frank’s Cafe and sipping on a Negroni this summer, and for those Londoners, we have excellent news. The team behind Frank’s and The Camberwell Arms are launching a new venture at Copeland Park this April, known as Mike’s. The order of the day here will be pizza, and more specifically, “a style of pizza all of our own”. Intriguing, and yet delicious, stuff.

If you’re familiar with the frankly brilliant food at Frank’s (which, incidentally, lies just across the Overground tracks from the new place), then you’ll be very excited for this venture into pizza. Mike’s is promising to “start a conversation about it in this city”, aiming to define the London pizza much in the way that Naples, Chicago, and New York have all defined theirs. They certainly won’t be playing it safe when it comes to toppings, either, vowing pursue deliciousness without any hangups about what doesn’t ‘belong’ on a pizza.

There’s no word on the exact menu or a drinks list yet, although since Frank’s has set the bar pretty high, we’re fully expecting them to be banging with a capital B. And whilst Peckham certainly doesn’t lack for pizza (seriously, you’ll find branches of Theo’s, 400 Rabbits, Mamma Dough, Voodoo Ray’s, and Made of Dough in the vicinity), Mike’s promises to be an exciting new foray into the wonderful world of pizza. Now, any chance we can get them delivered to the rooftop?

You’ll find Mike’s in Copeland Park from April, and an exact opening date is TBD. Follow them on Instagram for updates.

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