South London’s Vibrant Pop Festival Will Return This Summer

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Mighty Hoopla

Mighty Hoopla returns to Brockwell Park, with a new spot in the calendar.

It’s been almost a year since Secret London wrote any sort of preview hyping up a music festival, and I’m pretty sure you all know why. So, it’s with great pleasure that we report that Mighty Hoopla festival – the bouncing pop extravaganza that takes over Brixton’s Brockwell Park each summer – is returning to the capital in 2021, ready for another round of sun-soaked partying.

Mighty Hoopla

We’ll start with the necessary pinch of salt: after being burned by last year’s complete lack of music festivals, there’s understandably a bit of apprehension about saying, with no reservations, that Mighty Hoopla is 100% going to happen. But! The festival has an advantage this year, as they’ve shifted from their usual June date to September 4 – a date by which, one would hope, the majority (or at least a big ol’ slice) of the UK will have been vaccinated against coronavirus. So, whilst keeping our fingers crossed, we’re going to go ahead and get hyped for this.

Mighty Hoopla

Mighty Hoopla are promising an “all singing, all dancing” festival for 2021, although there’s no word on any confirmed acts yet. They’re hinting at a mix of Hoopla nostalgia and some new tricks for this year, and if that’s already enough to whet your appetite, tickets are going on sale on January 25. Anyone who bought tickets for last year and elected to keep them has already secured their place at this year’s festival, and Mighty Hoopla – who usually offer free tickets to NHS staff – will be increasing the number on offer this year, as their way of saying thanks for all the incredible work.

Mighty Hoopla

If you’ve never enjoyed the riot of colour and inclusive fun that is Mighty Hoopla, I reckon 2021 is a great year to remedy that. Plus, there’s the distinct possibility that it’s just the first in a long line of music festivals returning to town, which is a dashing exciting thought!

Tickets to Mighty Hoopla go on sale on January 25, and you’ll be able to get them here.

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