Join Our Uplifting Dance Class This Week For A Little Midweek Mood Boost

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Midweek Mood Boost

The first session of our new Midweek Mood Boost brings DanceBox’s high-energy routines to your Instagram feed.

Is anybody else having trouble telling the days apart right now? Tuesday and Sunday feel pretty much the same when you’re stuck in lockdown, and we here at Secret London reckon that needs to change pretty sharpish. That’s why we’re launching a little treat, with our new ‘Midweek Mood Boost‘ sessions for you all to enjoy. Every Wednesday, we’ll be hosting a fun, uplifting activity – from dance classes to art lessons and beyond – on our Instagram page, with the aim of lifting the lockdown blues and keeping a smile on those lovely faces of yours.

Midweek Mood Boost

We’re kicking off Secret London’s Midweek Mood Boost by teaming up with Essex dance studio DanceBox, who’ll be hosting a dance class over Instagram Live at 6pm on Wednesday, April 15th. Guaranteed to get you up and moving – no matter how deep the lockdown ennui lies upon you – this Midweek Mood Boost will get your energy flowing once more, and even teach you a few shapes to throw out once you’re back on the dancefloors of London!

The DanceBox class will be run by founder and instructor Illana Gambrill, a professional dancer who’s brought her moves to music videos, world tours, and TV shows. Now, she’ll be showing them off at our inaugural Midweek Mood Boost, in a 45-minute session that fuses energetic dance routines with a cardio and core workout. You don’t need any dance ability whatsoever to take part (a welcome relief for this writer), and it’s entirely free to join in – all you need to do is head to our Instagram page at 6pm on Wednesday, and get ready to learn some fresh moves.

The DanceBox class is just the start of a series of weekly pick-me-ups that we’ll be running, with a new activity appearing each week. Tune in each Wednesday for a new Midweek Mood Boost, and let’s beat the lockdown blues together!

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