A New Network Of Night Trains Could Whisk You Away To Europe’s Loveliest Cities Soon

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Midnight Trains

We’ll be leaving on those Midnight Trains to Georgia Europe, with any luck.

The night train revolution is well under way in Europe, and we’re itching to reap the benefits of it. Last year, it was announced that the state railways of France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland had teamed up for a €500 million investment in new night trains and sleeper routes across Europe, and now, they’ll have a little bit of company. Midnight Trains will be launching services from Paris to twelve other European cities in 2024, with the stated goal of offering a “hotel on wheels” that’ll make you think twice about catching a carbon-polluting flight.

By “redesigning the night train experience”, Midnight Trains aims to prove that “the journey is as important as the destination and that every moment is precious.” Thus reads their website, and whilst convincing me that time spent stuck at a red signal is a “precious moment” might be a bit of a heavy lift, the ambition is laudable. Pointing out that your one-hour flight could be as many as four hours door-to-door, depending on security checks, delays, and waiting at the baggage carousel, the company suggests that the experience of whooshing through the night on a comfy train is a far better option.

Midnight Trains
Photo: Midnight Trains, via Twitter

I’m inclined to agree, especially scanning the list of destinations on offer. Whilst London doesn’t feature, a quick hop on the Eurostar will get you to the company’s Parisian hub quickly enough; from there, it’s onto the likes of Edinburgh, Brussels, Hamburg, Berlin, Copenhagen, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, and Porto. In short, a where’s where of some of the most exciting cities on the continent.

Midnight Trains
Photo: Midnight Trains, via Twitter

Whilst 2024 is a little way off still, the appetite for lower-pollution alternatives to road and air travel isn’t diminishing, and if Midnight Trains can provide the hotel experience they’re promising, you can bet Secret London will be plotting a train holiday before long.

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