Magical Midnight Shakespeare Productions Are Coming To The Globe This Summer

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Midnight Matinées

Get your cultural fix under the stars at The Globe’s Midnight Matinées.

I’ve seen The Tempest performed in the woods, Macbeth performed in a thunderstorm, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream performed with a steaming drunk actor – yet there’s still nothing to rival a midnight Shakespeare showing at The Globe. London’s most awe-inspiring theatre started the practice back in the early 2000s, and happily, their Midnight Matinées return this summer for more Bard behaviour after dark.

Starting at 11:59pm, the Midnight Matinées run on a few select dates each summer, on The Globe’s stunning open-air stage. First up, on July 17, is the theatre’s winning production of Romeo & Juliet: always a treat, whatever the time of day. Meanwhile, summer’s favourite Shakespeare show – A Midsummer Night’s Dream – will delight audiences on September 18, as the course of true love once again proves irresistibly bumpy.

However, the most intriguing Midnight Matinée of all falls on August 21: the Audience Choice night. You’ll have no idea which play you’ll be seeing before you enter the theatre; then again, neither will the actors. They’ll have a choice of three plays locked and loaded (this year, it’s As You Like It, The Tempest, or A Midsummer Night’s Dream), and based on the highly scientific method of shouting, whooping, and hollering from the audience, you and your fellow theatre-goers will make the decision for them. Outstanding stuff!

So, we’ve established that it’s quite unlike your standard theatre-going experience, and not just because The Globe’s bar remains open until the interval’s end (roughly 1:30am), making the Midnight Matinées some of the merrier plays in town. I’m already 130% sold on this – and that’s before I tell you that Midnight Matinées are still just £5 for a standing ticket. Forget the clubs, forget the bars, because when the clock strikes midnight, this is the place to be!

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