This Wacky Mexican Brunch Serves Bottomless Margaritas And Burritos

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

This Wacky Mexican Brunch Serves Bottomless Margaritas And Burritos

You can’t spell fiesta without Margaritas! (Go on, let us have it.)

Calling all party people! It’s time to kick start your Saturday with something a little bit different. Forget avocado on toast, forget that measly glass of Prosecco, and forget civilised chats about house prices. This weekend, it’s time to go big with this incredible Mexican bottomless brunch.

With a whopping three course menu—featuring guac and chips, big ass burritos and chocolatey-churros for you to get involved with—you and your amigos are sure to feel well and truly stuffed when you stumble out of Barrio after this Mexican feast.


On top of as many burritos as you can physically fit in your face, you can also indulge in a magical medley of cocktails. From margaritas to mimosas, for two whole hours you are free to wash every mouthful down with a massive swig of the good stuff. We can’t make any promises about how you’ll feel the next day, but we know from experience that having a glass that’s never empty feels pretty fabulous at the time.

As if all that wasn’t enough, just wait until the Mexican wrestlers emerge – yes that’s right, the Mexican wrestlers. These lycra-loving tusslers are sure to get you out of your seat, up on your feet and in fighting spirit – so be ready to offer your favourite contestant screams of support.

There’s only one thing that could top this brunch bonanza off: a sizzling soundtrack combining the best reggaeton, golden era hip-hop and 90s R&B of all time. So dust off your dancing shoes, pick up your glass and shake those hips for all they’re worth.

If you feel like your weekends have become a bit bland (although there’s no shame in chilling at home with your dog), then why not spice it up and add a little fiesta to your life with this totally wacky brunch?

Can things ever get much better than endless food and drink followed by men rolling on the floor in crazy costumes? Probably not.

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