Mercato Metropolitano Have Launched A Series Of Delicious Online Cooking Classes

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Pair home-cooked food with adventurous wines in these lovely cooking classes.

Mercato Metropolitano has long been one of our favourite food markets, and they’ve only gone up in our estimations as a result of the new online cooking classes they’re running. Famed in happier times for the bustling Italian food markets they run in Elephant & Castle and in an old Mayfair church, Mercato have elected to spend their lockdown walking you through the finer points of Italian cuisine. And happily, they’ll pair those rustic Italian feasts with a gorgeous bottle of wine, for a meal best enjoyed under the slowly setting sun. Find your tickets here, and read on for more details.

Mercato are famed for their cooking classes, and now they’re taking them online.

Whilst Mercato’s food markets are characterised by mouthwatering street food and a tantalising array of delicacies, the cooking classes aim for good old home-cooked meals – albeit at a slightly fancier level than your homemade cottage pie. For instance, how does Tuscan Pecorino souffle with organic mixed leaf salad, Pecorino cheese bites with crushed walnuts, and a pear tart with organic strawberry jam sound to you? That’s the ‘Tuscan-Style Indulgence‘ session, and when paired with a Zaglia Friuli Latisana Merlot, it’s almost enough to make you forget about those cancelled summer holidays.


There are five wonderful cooking classes to enjoy – ranging from ‘Seafood Lover’s Dream‘ to the ‘Perfect Summer Party Meal‘ – and vegetarian options are available. Each session will teach you to create a ravishing menu for six people, with any leftover ingredients from the main and the side or dessert being used in moreish snacks. It’s part of Mercato’s commitment to sustainability, and the fact that they’re utterly scrumptious doesn’t hurt the appeal either.


All the ingredients, plus the wine pairing, will be delivered straight to your home, so there’s no need to brave the Tesco queue in preparation. Plus, chefs and culinary experts will be sharing their secret tips that will take your cooking to the next level, which is bound to impress the crowd at your next dinner party. The classes run every Wednesday and Friday through the summer, so grab your tickets here and bring la dolce vita to your kitchen!

Find your tickets to Mercato’s online cooking classes here.

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