The UK’s First Ever Meat Free Drive Thru Has Arrived In London

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The leading meat alternative brand Meatless Farm have launched the first plant-based drive thru in the UK – M*** F*** Drive Thru!

Looking for the perfect bank holiday weekend activity? Fancy a mouthwatering burger that also doesn’t harm the planet? Well, you’re in luck. From now until August 31, M*** F*** Drive Thru (Meat Free Drive Thru, obvs) will be open for business, taking over the American Car Wash in Hackney. And don’t be fooled by the wording, this drive thru is not just for cars. In the spirit of going green, those who arrive on bikes, e-scooters, on foot or in electric cars will receive 50% off their meal.

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Photo: Meatless Farm

The British plant-based company Meatless Farm has collaborated with burger connoisseurs Mother Flipper to recreate their popular meaty menu. However, this menu is completely meat free and includes three insanely delicious options to choose from.

You’ll have to decide between the Mother Flipper x Meatless Farm Cheeseburger, The Greta (an eco-burger burger with aubergine bacon) and the McBluffin (a plant-based interpretation of the breakfast favourite from the golden arches). Naturally, these burgers are far more sustainable than any meat option and they are also kind to the body, being high in fibre.

Meat Free Drive Thru
Photo: Meatless Farm

You can indulge in these guilt-free dirty burgers from 11am to 3pm each day. They’re all extremely flavoursome – the perfect texture, and of course vegetarian or vegan – and they just might make you never want to eat meat again!

This six day pop-up follows the recent Meatless Farm M*** F*** campaign, which aimed to encourage meat eaters to ditch meat more regularly. According to scientists, if each person in Britain substituted just one red meat meal for a plant-based option every week, that would be the equivalent of taking sixteen million cars off the road.

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Photo: Meatless Farm

So do your bit for the environment (and your taste buds) and head to M*** F*** Drive Thru while you still can!

Find the M*** F*** Drive Thru at 35 Great Eastern Street, Hackney, EC2A 3ER – it’s open 11am – 3pm every day until Monday August 31.

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