You Can Fill Up Free Jars Of Marmite On-Tap From This London Pub Tomorrow

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

You Can Fill Up Free Jars Of Marmite On-Tap From This London Pub Tomorrow

This is sure to divide opinion.

As we re-familiarise ourselves with the pub, this product on draught is sure to make even the most seasoned attendee do a double-take. Then, it’ll most likely stir up a feeling; one of intense love or perhaps a bit of hatred.

Yes, to celebrate the flowing beers being turned back on this year, Marmite have decided to create their own tap of the sticky, divisive spread.

Over at The Horseshoe Pub in Camden, Marmite and Camden Brewery have teamed up to offer lovers of the brown nectar free refills of their empty jars. It’s part of their celebration of the return of pubs across the country. For one day only tomorrow (July 14), you’ll be able to pull a half-pint(ish) of Marmite into your jars.

The free yeasty goodness (yes, I love Marmite. And what?) will be on offer for the first 100 lucky tap claimers to arrive at the Horseshoe. Head down from midday to secure your jar on the house to soften the blow of England’s heartbreak on Sunday night. After a refill on your Marmite, you can enjoy your usual pint of Camden Hells at the popular spot.

Sophie Allan, Brand Manager at Marmite, said: “Many of us breathed a sigh of relief when the pubs reopened again, and at Marmite we had double the cause for celebration as the nation’s favourite toast-topper is so intrinsically linked with the brewing industry.

“To celebrate the pulling of taps once more, we want to offer some lucky lovers (or haters) the chance to fill their boots – or jars – with the black stuff. It’s the yeast we could do after the year we’ve all had.”

It is the yeast they can do. So get in line for your free refill!

And, if you want some more free stuff, find some ice cream from a floating truck at the South Bank on the same day!

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