This Man Cycled Every Single Street In Central London

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

This Man Cycled Every Single Street In Central London

A challenge for when we all get out of quarantine?

Davis Vilums has put us all to shame by completing a truly amazing task: cycling every street in central London. We’re just not talking main roads either, he literally cycled every one of the accessible mews, yards, park trails, and paths in the central city area.

Bored of his daily 25 minute cycle to work, David decided to shake things up and change his cycle route. He said: “I bought a map of central London and started to colour in the streets to mark the routes that I have taken. And then I got obsessed with it.”

What started out as a bit of a hobby, ended up being an incredible challenge which took him four years to complete! One of his main goals was to complete the routes without ever being late for work.

Check out this incredible time lapse of the very many journeys he made around London on his bike:

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