London’s First ‘Dirty Ice Cream’ Parlour Is A Sweet Spot To Cool Off This Summer • Mamasons


Don’t let the description fool you: Mamasons make a delicious scoop.

Right now, you probably have one burning question: namely, what the sweet fuck is ‘dirty ice cream’? The confusing phrase is used to describe ice cream made in the hawker markets of Manila, where delicious ice cream is whipped up in a steel drum using ice and salt. Not your normal way of making ice cream, but then neither is liquid nitrogen, and look how well that turned out. To find dirty ice cream in London, you need only make a trip to Kentish Town, where Mamasons have been whipping up a storm since 2017.

Photo: @mamasonsdirtyicecream

One thing they’re aren’t whipping up here is vanilla ice cream. Or strawberry, chocolate, or any of the other usual suspects. Mamasons are heavily influenced by their Filipino heritage, which means the scoops are altogether a little more unusual. Black coconut, barako coffee, and ube (a kind of purple yam) are the flavours of choice here. Best of all, you can have them neat, or topping off an ube brownie.

Photo: @mamasonsdirtyicecream

Top of the dessert tree here is the bilog, which is the Filipino answer to the ice cream sandwich. A traditional milk bun is filled with ice cream, lightly toasted, and then liberally sprinkled with icing sugar. Which sounds pretty magical right about now. Mamasons aren’t afraid to experiment, and they regularly try out new desserts, all with a Filipino twist. A quick scroll through their Instagram reveals cheesecake, doughnuts, brownies, and macaroons, all of which look insanely delicious.

Photo: @mamasonsdirtyicecream

You’ll be blowing hot and cold if you get a scoop with a steaming cup of imported Filipino coffee, or white chocolate and ube hot cocoa. Alternatively, plump for a milkshake to really double down on the sugar intake. Happily, Mamasons are bringing their sweet treats and swish interiors to Chinatown this summer, as they open in Newport Court this August.

Photo: @mamasonsdirtyicecream

When it comes to ice cream this summer, you’d do well to remember the immortal wisdom of Christina Aguilera, because it’s gonna get dirty.

Location: 91 Kentish Town Road, NW1 8NY. Nearest stations are Camden Town and Camden Road. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: 12-10pm (Tuesday to Sunday). They are closed on Mondays.
Price: £3 for a scoop, £6 for a bilog, £6 for milkshakes, and coffees begin at £1.70.
More information: on their website.

Featured image: @mamasonsdirtyicecream

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