The Most Magical Places To Do Your Christmas Shopping In London

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The John Lewis Christmas advert is out, and that’s seen by many as the definitive green light to talk about the C word. Meanwhile, the rest of us live in total denial and disbelief that we’re almost in December. Either way, Christmas is nigh, and the keen ones amongst us have already planned our Christmas shopping. If you can’t tell where we stand at Secret London, let’s just say that The Pogues were playing as we scrolled through Instagram and compiled this list…


As always, Harrods is totally ‘lit’ at this time of year…

…and it’s full of lovely, festive things.

Liberty is also suitable glittery…

It’s just like browsing a Christmas market, except a little bit warmer.

And it’s magical from every angle…

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However, you could say that Selfridges is the queen of Christmas.

And their puns are both original and hilarious…

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They also appear to have turned Brussels sprouts into this season’s must-have fashion item…

Fortnum and Mason is also fantastically festive during the holidays.

…just look at this twinkly staircase!

Seriously, LOOK AT IT 😍

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…yep, still spamming you with pictures of the staircase.

Down the road, John Lewis has gone totally wild with the fairy lights…

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They do look bloody lovely though!

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But what we love most about John Lewis this year is their beautifully organised bauble display…

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So. Perfectly. Satisfying.

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In fact, the whole Christmas shop is arranged by colour.

We’re still not convinced by the giant, farting monster though…

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Finally, last but not least, Fenwick have also gotten involved in the Christmas cheer-spreading!

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We don’t often advocate visits to Oxford Street or its surrounding areas, especially in the lead up to Christmas. But we can’t argue with the fact that it is absolutely magical at this time of year…

Feature image: Instagram/@bwilliambaker

Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

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