A Magical Lantern Rave Is Coming To Brighten Up Your February

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Magical Lantern Rave

Life gets hyper-colourful at this magical lantern rave…

I know it’s probably a damning indictment of our national attention span that we’re instantly distracted by loud noises and explosions of colour, but damn if this doesn’t look cool. Arriving at Troxy on February 28th is a ‘magical lantern rave’, where over 200 hanging lanterns will fill the dancefloor, inviting ravers to get lost in the colours. You’ve already stopped paying attention to look at the pictures, haven’t you? …sigh. Read on for more, or find your tickets here.

Magical Lantern Rave

The rave is set to be anything but dull, with the dress code billed as “hyper colour”, and shining neon lights transforming Troxy into a psychedelic playground. In addition to the 200-strong fleet of lanterns, you’ll also see illuminated pieces, colourful interactive characters and oriental-inspired decor. It looks absolutely dazzling, and if this doesn’t convert you to clubbing then probably nothing will.

Magical Lantern Rave

Five hours of drum & bass, house, and tech house will get you throwing out shapes (although be warned, with this much colour and light around, your terrible dance moves won’t be going unnoticed), and if you opt for the VIP package, you’ll get a pair of light batons to energetically wave around, as well as a pair of fractal glasses to dial up the trippiness. There’ll also be professional face and body painters on hand to get you glammed up – the only downside, really, is that ordinary life might seem a little dull in comparison…

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