10 Lovely Cookbooks That Will Help You Recreate Iconic Dishes From London Restaurants

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

10 Lovely Cookbooks That Will Help You Recreate Iconic Dishes From London Restaurants

We’ve listed ten killer recipe books from London restaurants to keep in your kitchen.

You might be feeling a little stressed out about the prospect of lockdown and, let’s face it, every Brit’s heart was broken when Boris Johnson told us all to stay away from the pub! Although it’s imperative we follow government advice and avoid going out, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to give up all of your favourite London dishes. In fact, loads of London’s loveliest restaurants have created their very own cookbooks so you can recreate their menus at home.

With a lot of extra time on your hands and a hankering for something a little more delicious than pesto pasta, why not order one of these babies and see if you can perfect a few dishes to impress your pals with when this whole pandemic thing is over?

1. Dishoom

Dishoom, one of London’s most loved restaurants released their very own cookbook around Christmas time and, I’m not ashamed to say, I merrily signed myself onto the Amazon pre-order list. Packed full of all your favourites, you can find the secrets to their rippable naans and dippable dals inside the beautiful book. But this is not just a cookbook; Dishoom have also included incredible pictures of India and heart-warming stories, which make reading this book a real experience. Perfect for browsing through while sitting down on the sofa, or using as a guide to rustle up some self-isolation grub, I really couldn’t recommend it enough. Buy it here.

2. Bread Ahead

Since the coronavirus hit, Bread Ahead have been hosting live Instagram videos at 2pm every day, teaching people how to bake brilliantly! So, with the internet providing you with a daily dose of ‘Home Baking and Happiness’, if you order the cookbook you can follow along with the experts and create something delicious in your lunch-break! To be honest, self-isolation doesn’t seem so bad when it comes with freshly baked doughnuts! Buy the book here.

3. Mildreds

Mildreds has been a popular Soho haunt for many years and, for all of you veggies, it’s the king of kings when it comes to cooking without meat. Their cookbook is crammed full of silky soups, delicious dips and lick-your-plate-worthy sauces, to keep you satisfied and sane during isolation. With loads of quick, easy and super-healthy dishes inside, their cookbook definitely deserves a space on your shelf. Buy it here.

4. The Ritz

Who says isolation can’t be swanky? Even if you’ve never made it to The Ritz—don’t worry, neither have I—it is still rather worth having their cookbook at home. Helpfully broken down into seasonal menus, each containing a delectable ‘cocktails and canapés’ section, you can quickly and easily pick a plate to make which will satisfy your every craving. Buy it here.

5. Pitt Cue Co.

Turning barbecuing into something of an art form, Pitt Cue Co. sits just off Carnaby Street and serves up some of the most mouth-watering meat in the capital. Inside their vibrant orange cookbook lays the secret to London’s most delicious rubs, pickles and sauces, sure to perk up any old piece of meat you’ve got in the fridge. Big on flavour and genuinely fun to cook with, Pitt Cue Co. is the answer to all of your culinary boredom. Buy it here.

6. Borough Market

The holy-grail of London food, Borough Market is a place many of us will dearly miss during self-isolation. Thankfully though, they’ve released a cookbook full of really delicious recipes to keep you going. Avoid a Bridget Jones blue-soup-scenario by following all the helpful little tips and tricks located in these pages, and keep your fridge stocked with your favourite dishes from the city streets. Buy it here. 

7. Ottolenghi

Okay so, slight spoiler, most of these recipes aren’t as simple as the title suggests. But, Ottolenghi’s cookbook is perhaps one of the absolute essentials. Fresh and fragrant, his recipes draw together unlikely ingredients for mouthwatering results. A great cookbook for keeping busy and healthy during quarantine, I really can’t recommend this enough! Buy a signed copy here.

8. Claridge’s

Keeping quarantine classy is the one and only Claridge’s cookbook. From a very boujee lobster risotto to a very basic technique for fluffy scrambled eggs, this cookbook contains everything you need to get through the highs and lows of isolation. Buy it here.

9. Morito

Masters of mezze and tapas, Morito have been providing hungry Londoners with luscious cuisine for years, and now you can replicate all of it at home with their cookbook. From small plates to sophisticated and technical meals, this 150 recipe book has something for everyone and every occasion. The cookbook also includes a handy little supplier list, so you source some of the more illusive ingredients online! Quite frankly, how bad can things really be if you have tapas? Buy it here.

10. The London Cookbook

And finally The London Cookbook! Packed full of famous and familiar names like Nopi, Cinnamon Kitchen and Duck and Waffle, this cookbook really has the lot when it comes to collecting the best of the capital. Rifle through an array of original recipes and rustle up something simply sensational — it’ll be almost as good as visiting these restaurants for real! Buy it here. 

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