These Laidback Yoga Classes Will Have You Chilled Out In No Time

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Love Yoga

Find your flow at this Love Yoga workshop.

Let’s face it, life in London is a stressful old business, and finding ways to relax isn’t always easy. And whilst we could recommend a bottomless brunch to cure your ailments, we think Fever have found a better option. Love Yoga is a wonderful new yoga experience, which helps you find your centre and bring a little self-love into your daily practice – and tickets are available here.

Love Yoga

Led by Sarah Muscat, the internationally trained yogi behind Sarah Yoga Love, you’ll be led through an invigorating of vinyasa flow. Connecting the body and soul, and inviting you to practice awareness and self-care, it’s a must-do for yogis of all ages and experience levels. Even if you’ve never tried yoga before, you’ll be surprised at how much difference even one session makes.

Love Yoga

You’ll find Love Yoga at Mick’s Garage in Hackney, on April 8th – mat hire is available for those without one, or you can bring your own. Much more important to bring is an open mind, because you’ll soon realise that life looks pretty different from downward dog!

Find your tickets to Love Yoga here.

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