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Lounge Bohemia

Lounge Bohemia is amongst the most secretive of London’s secret bars.

Audaciously retro decor, inspired by life in communist Prague. Molecular mixology resulting in insane creations. A nondescript door wedged next to a greasy kebab shop. Lounge Bohemia really does tick all the boxes for ‘idiosyncratic London cocktail bar‘, right down to the perversely sparse website. Lets take a peek inside this mysterious spot, shall we?

Lounge Bohemia
Photo: @fioss

First off, the decor. Lounge Bohemia takes eastern European chic to the next level – almost like the communists ransacked the local Ikea to kit it out. It’s eye-catchingly cosy, with much of the interior inspired by owner Paul Tvaroh’s Czech heritage. In fact, some of the items come straight have out of his grandma’s living room. Those squashy armchairs are an inviting place to kick back and wait for your drinks to arrive – and that’s when the magic starts…

Lounge Bohemia London

Photo: David Turecky

Lounge Bohemia go all in for molecular mixology, with drinks bubbling, smoking, and even arriving in non-liquid forms. For instance, the wonderful Bearllinis (fizzy bellini flavoured gummy bears):

Lounge Bohemia
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Other cocktails come served in lightbulbs, toothpaste tubes, or take the form of a mushroom spouting vapour. Make no mistake, Lounge Bohemia is a long way off the map. Perhaps the most intriguing is the Volcano, a creation of shochu, yuzu and jasmine, which bubbles and spits out rings of smoke like a live volcano.

Lounge Bohemia
Photo: David Turecky

If that kind of cocktail trickery makes your head spin, you’ll be pleased to know that Lounge Bohemia runs a menu of classic concoctions too. They make a mean martini, and drinks from this menu clock in cheaper than their molecular brethren. Happily, for a Czech-inspired bar, there’s a lot of Czech beer on offer. Two things to note before you pay a visit – one, the dress code stipulates absolutely no suits, so dress down. And secondly, visits are by appointment only, as it’s table service only. You’ll need to call the mobile number on the website to reserve your spot. After all, it’s a Soviet-inspired bar, so clandestine activities are to be expected…

Lounge Bohemia
Photo: @sofagramz

Location: 1e Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3EJ. Nearest station is Shoreditch High Street. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: 6pm-midnight, Monday to Saturday, and 6-11pm on Sundays.
Price: Cocktails are £14; the six-course cocktail tasting menu £35.
More information: by ringing the number on their rather sparse website.

Featured image: @hal7474

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