London’s Thinnest House Is On Sale For Just Under £1 Million

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London's Thinnest House

The narrowest house in London is now on the market!

London’s thinnest house can be found sandwiched between a GP and a hair salon in Shepherd’s Bush, and it’s officially on the market. If it wasn’t for it’s distinguishable wash of navy blue paint, the ultra-thin property might go completely unnoticed. The five-story, two bedroom house is now on sale for a whopping £950,000 – so if you happen to have a spare million lying around, now’s your time to shine! The dimensions vary throughout this quirky property, with the narrowest point equalling just 1.6m! [Featured image: Winkworth] 

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London's Thinnest House
Photo: Winkworth

This one-of-a-kind property actually dates back to the late 19th century. It was originally a Victorian hat shop with living quarters on the top floors. While the unusual house has changed over the years, the property still has a very old-fashioned glass facade. These period features combined with the art deco interior has made it quite popular with buyers in the past.

The building has several talking points including a spiral staircase, a roof terrace, and a master bedroom that can only be accessed through a hatch in the floor! What it lacks in size it definitely makes up for in character. David Meyers, a representative of Winkworth estate agents who is selling the property, said the house is well worth the price largely because of its uniqueness.

London's Thinnest House
Photo: Winkworth

He said “In a lot of parts of London people will use the pound per square footage mark and use it as a benchmark for what properties are going to be worth. It doesn’t always work like that. When you’ve got something as individual as this, the price has to be reflected on that. It’s chic, it’s beautiful and that’s why the house will sell.”

If London’s thinnest house is tickling your fancy, you can find out more info here.

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