This Is What Londoners Are Looking Forward To The Most After Lockdown Ends

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

This Is What Londoners Are Looking Forward To The Most After Lockdown Ends

To the cinema!

While many of us have been making the most of outdoor hospitality’s return, it’s safe to say that the whole country has one day they’re counting down the minutes to this year: June 21. If all goes to plan, this will mark the final entry of Boris Johnson’s roadmap, ending all the lockdown restrictions in Britain. And, my god, it’s going to be pretty glorious, isn’t it?

When that sacred day does arrives, be it June 21 or a little later, most of us already know what we’ll be rushing out to do. Gotta make up for lost time, and all that. And, according to data from Addison Lee, heading to watch movies on the big screen is at the top of Londoners’ lists, once restrictions allow it. The cinema polled at number one (43%) for the most-anticipated experiences after lockdown. Movies like Nomadlandwinner of best-picture at the Oscars–do look great on the TV and all, but nothing compares to catching them the way it was intended, via the big-screen.

Image: Addison Lee

Breathing down the cinema’s neck was something we’re just a little bit familiar with over here at Secret London… Yep, you guessed it. Brunch! A stellar choice there, Londoners.

Addison Lee also found that some things just don’t change, and Londoners are dreading heading back to the days of packed out rush-hour trains and long commutes to work. You’ll hear no arguments against that over here, that’s for sure…

Image: Addison Lee

Data even found out the most-anticipated activities by generation. Gen Z are looking forward to hitting the nightclubs; Millennials are desperate to have brunch and go to the cinema; Gen X want to eat a good ol’ meal out; and the baby boomers just want to browse some independent stores. To be quite honest, after lockdown took away that many good options, I’d place myself in just about all those categories. In short, bring on June 21!

The Data In Full

Top 5 experiences Londoners are most looking forward to:

  1. Big Screen Movies (43%)
  1. Brunch (42%)
  1. Going Down the Pub (34%)
  1. Getting Out & About with the Kids (34%)
  1. Museums & Exhibitions (30%)

Things Londoners are least excited about:

  1. The Tube at rush hour (40%)
  1. Crowded pubs (32%)
  1. Commuting costs (30%)
  2. Queuing (30%)
  1. Dressing smartly (17%)

In other news, South London’s cult rooftop hangout is back for summer 2021.

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