London Zoo Is Celebrating Pride Weekend In Honour Of Its Gay Penguins

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London Zoo Is Celebrating Pride Weekend In Honour Of Its Gay Penguins

London Zoo is hosting a Pride Weekend for its resident gay penguins.

The colourful celebrations will take place this weekend (July 5-7), with all 93 of their Humboldt penguins getting involved in the party.

Ronnie and Reggie, the zoo’s most famous gay residents, even have their very own banner that pays homage to Stonewall’s revolutionary ‘Get Over It.’ campaign.

Ronnie and Reggie have been together for five years now and, in 2015, they adopted an egg that had been abandoned by another couple. After raising their little chick together, they’re now just as strong as ever, and can often be found snuggling up in their nest box.

So, in honour of Ronnie and Reggie and the LGBT+ community, London Zoo is hosting a number of Pride-themed activities across the weekend. Zoo Nights will have a Pride focus this coming Friday (5 July), and those in attendance will be able to learn all about gender and mating in the animal kingdom. There’ll be discussions about just how common these same-sex pairing actually are — from penguins and pandas, to goats and giraffes! And, as usual at these events, there’ll also be the opportunity to explore the zoo after hours, scoff delicious street food, and even try out the zoo’s new mini-golf course. Get your tickets here.


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Although Zoo Nights is only for adults, the whole family can join in with the Pride celebrations on Sunday (7 July). Here you can expect a spectacular storytelling show hosted by drag artist Mama G, sharing the positive message to be who you are and love who you want.

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