London Is About To Become Home To The Fastest City Zip Wire In The World

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Hold onto your hats, because a seriously speedy zip wire is zooming down London’s South Bank this Summer.

If you’ve got the need, the need for speed, and a predilection for being strapped into form-fitting harnesses, then do we have the experience for you! Zip Now London reckons the dramatic city skyline provides the perfect backdrop for an adrenaline-fuelled adventure, which is why they’ve brought their epic zip line back for another summer of speed. And we’ve got the tickets all lined up for you – if you’re daring enough, of course!

Zip Now
Photo: @zipnowevents

Ever wanted to speed down a zip wire like Kevin McAllister in Home Alone, Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, or Doc in Back to the Future? Well, this’ll sort you right out, without the pesky need to slog it out to Zone 6. Housed in Lambeth’s Archbishops Park, Zip Now is 100ft tall, 700ft long, and an absolute bloody thriller, as we found when we went and tested it out.

Hitting speeds of 30mph on your way down means the journey will be a rapid one, but the experience provides dramatic views of the capital in the 30 seconds of flying time. Basically, it’s a more efficient version of the London Eye, with none of the cabin fever.

Zip Now
Photo: @zipnowevents

Definitely not for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure – and if you’re still thirsty for adrenaline, you can opt for the Mega Drop at the end. It’s essentially a zip line, but straight down instead of with a gentle gradient. Personally, I found it an absolute hoot, although I’m aware that not everyone will share my view…

Zip Now is flying until September 15th – find your tickets here!

Featured image: @zipnowevents

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