A Magical Light Trail Is Illuminating London Wetland Centre All The Way Through Christmas

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A Magical Light Trail Is Illuminating London Wetland Centre All The Way Through Christmas

When Andy Williams penned It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, I’d hazard a guess that the legendary singer had just taken a prance among a sea of Christmas lights. Because, objectively, that’s just the number one festive activity, isn’t it?

London Wetland Centre definitely have the right idea on that front, anyway; since they’ve set up a stunning trail of illuminative lights to shine bright during these short winter days.

Making its debut this year, ILLUMINATURE boasts a sea of beautiful structures including giant light sculptures of wetland wildlife sat among glowing installations such as light tunnels and responsive lily pads. It’s the perfect blend between nature and artificial, with the stars beaming down among the newly lit up shrubbery to add that desired festive sentiment. And, it even runs all the way through until January 9, leaving you no excuse not to make it over there!

Along the illuminated trail you’ll even find models of the animal inhabitants. Look forward to locking eyes with a carefully designed heron, Nene goose, otters and an owl, plus many more. All-in-all, the full trail boasts a hefty 214 elements.

Lisa Woodward, Centre Manager at London Wetland Centre, said: “Children will love the lily pads they can jump on which light up, switching on sculptures with interactive buttons, and having fun with the shadow play in our lodge.

“A personal favourite is one of our bridges, which has been lit up with a kingfisher, lapwing and oyster catcher perching on the edge of it – I think couples will love to take a moment to gaze across the water. There is something for all ages, and we hope that everyone will appreciate its beauty.”

ILLUMINATURE is open daily until January 9, from 4pm – 10pm. Tickets are £17.50 and can be booked here. Find London Wetland Centre at Queen Elizabeth Walk, SW13 9WT (nearest stations are Barnes and Barnes Bridge).

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