It’s Going To Be Stupidly Windy Tomorrow, So We Advise You To Stay Inside

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Saturday is set to be rather windy – so stay inside, folks.

Okay, let’s give this a bit of context, shall we? A light summer breeze is all well and good, but it’s going to blow an absolute bloody gale tomorrow afternoon – meaning that beautifully sunny Easter we just enjoyed it going to be blown straight out of your head by a bout of windy weather.

The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for Wales and the south of England this morning, and London isn’t going to be spared. If you need to point fingers, point them squarely at Storm Hannah, who is currently bearing down on western Ireland with menace in her eye. But just how bad will it be here? Witness the BBC’s rather gloomy prediction:


Yes, we’re looking at a whopping TWELVE HOURS of 40+ miles an hour winds (with a frightening high of 46mph), which is jolly good fun. If you’ve got small children/dogs, I’d advise keeping a hold of them to stop ’em being blown away. Cyclists may want to break out the stabilisers when riding, and if you were planning a trip on the London Eye or Emirates Air Line, you may want to do Literally Anything Else.

Basically, shit is about to hit the fan – and we mean that quite literally (except the fan is just the whole of the bloody outdoors). The only mercy is that we aren’t set for a concurrent downpour, because there’s nothing worse than stormy winds and driving rain to ruin a Saturday. You want our advice? STAY INSIDE, DAMMIT.

(Please note: the forecasts were correct at the time of writing. Check Met Office or BBC Weather for up to date predictions.)

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