This London Tube Line Is The Worst For Passengers Not Wearing Face Coverings

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Face masks are currently required on the London underground

1 in 4 Brits aren’t wearing a mask on public transport—and the Circle Line is London’s worst offender.

Despite everything, research has shown that over a quarter of the British public are still refusing to wear a face mask on public transport. A study carried out by Nationwide Vehicle Contracts discovered that 27% of passengers will admit to not wearing a mask.

When looking at results on the London Underground, the Circle line was found to be the worst, with almost half (48%) of passengers admitting to not wearing a mask. This was closely followed by the Hammersmith & City line (44%).

The safest, on the other hand, is the Metropolitan line, with 73% of passengers claiming to always wear a mask. Next on the nice list is the Victoria line with 71%. Here’s the full breakdown:

A table showing the percentage of people who 'always wear a mask' on each London Underground line. The Metropolitan is at the top with 73%, the Circle line is at the bottom with 52%.
*Waterloo & City line hasn’t been included as it has been closed since March.

On the whole, 72% of Londoners claim to always wear a face mask while travelling. Not quite as good as Glasgow with 86%, but far better than Manchester with just 46%.

When asked why they don’t wear their masks, 1 in 10 Londoners said they simply “forgot to bring one”, while 5% don’t believe that wearing a mask makes a difference.

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