London Set To Enjoy 14 Days Of Sunshine And Heat With Little Rainfall

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

London Set To Enjoy 14 Days Of Sunshine And Heat With Little Rainfall

For the millionth time in 2021: summer might actually be here.

Summer 2021 has been one of the most stop-start seasons in terms of weather in recent memory. Just a touch of consistency please, weather gods?

For every 5-or-so day spell of blistering heat, we get around 20 days following of wind and rain. Doesn’t quite seem like a fair deal at the moment, I have to be honest. But, although our hopes have been raised earlier in the year, apparently we may actually get a spell of sunshine this August.

According to a forecasting agency in Portugal, an African plume is set to hit the country later this month, bringing with it a more consistent spell of warm weather and sunshine. This could even result in temperatures in the realm of 30-degrees Celsius once more this summer, towards the bank holiday weekend at the end of the month

The Met Office has also predicted a period of fewer rain showers and more dry and sunny spells in the immediate future, with rain in most of the capital due to begin drying up from tomorrow (August 10). And, between August 22 and September 5, 14 days of sunny skies are expected to finally bless us. Better late than never, summer.

As we know too well, these long-range forecasts can easily change within a heartbeat, but it’s looking more likely we might just get a toasty bank holiday weekend this year.

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