A Huge Disneyland-Style Theme Park Is Getting Built Just Outside Of London

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Okay, stay calm, but we’re getting our very own Disneyland!

Our inner-child is officially going wild, because London – well, okay, it’s a short 17 minute train ride away – is getting its very own Hollywood-esque, Disneyland-style theme park.

You mean our very own magical kingdom?! YES! YES! YES!


There’s set to be themed rides, attractions, live shows and parades – all to entertain around 50,000 people a day. There’ll even be a theatre with West End quality shows, as well as hotels, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and an art-house style cinema.

The entertainment resort was originally in partnership with Paramount Pictures—the oldest major Hollywood studio in existence—but unfortunately that fell through in 2017. Despite this, developers LRCH insist that the plans are still going ahead, just under a new name – ‘The London Resort’.


It’s estimated that the resort will create around 27,000 jobs in the area, and could also “harness the potential of the River Thames, [as] new routes will be created to make it attractive for people to walk, cycle or bus to and around the site.”


The London Resort website features renderings that show how the resort could look when it eventually opens and, frankly, we’re struggling to contain our excitement! 


Plans for “the UK’s answer to Disneyland” were first announced years ago but, like many plans of this size, there have been a lot of discussions, changes and delays. However, if everything goes to plan from now, they’re now hoping to open in 2024. Let’s start the countdown! Images courtesy of London Resort Company Holdings Ltd

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Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

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